How to get the best results out of your perfume? (Part-2)

How to get the best results out of your perfume?


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Hope by now you are familiar with the perfume usage tips given in Part-1. Here are a few more facts about perfumes and their usage which, we are sure, would help you in understanding the world of perfumes better.

  1. Concentration of perfumes : This is about the portion or percentage of perfume present in a bottle of mainly EDP (Eau de Parfum), EDT (Eau de Toilette), EDC (Eau de Cologne) where rest of the content is denatured ethyl alcohol and water (however EDC is not exactly used as perfume, rather it is used as a toiletry product). EDP & EDT form the main category of spray perfumes. In India and some other countries even deodorants are included among perfumery products within spray-able category. All natural and synthetic oils as roll-ons or Attar(it’s an Arabic word for all kinds of perfumes) are in pure oil form, without any alcohol or soluble additive. So while purchasing a perfume you must note the category it falls in, as that would determine how long it would last. Pure oils cost more and lasts much longer than spray perfumes. EDPs last longer say 5-6 hours depending on its family, climatic condition and skin type of the wearer. EDTs stay much less say about 2-3 hours, again depending on same factors as Eau de Parfums.
  2. Keeping your perfume safe: Never store your perfume in a wet area like your bath room! The existing humidity, heat, strong light etc. conditions actually can harm a perfume’s molecular structure and alter it. This would reduce the intensity and overall quality of your perfume.Always store your perfumes in a cool, dry & dark place.
  3. Expiry of a perfume: In reality there is no expiry date for any good quality perfume! In fact the pure oil gets better as it ages. As for spray category the expiry date varies from country to country. In the international markets generally it is five years whereas a country like India it is three years.
  4. Small is beautiful: Perfumes remain more intact in small packages. Try and purchase small bottles which you can frequently replace in your dressing table. Most of our EDPs are in 100 ML packs and the roll-ons are even smaller. Taraazi International offers a large variety of perfumes in each fragrance family, which you can choose as per your taste & liking.
  5. Wearing perfumes on clothes: It is a known fact that a perfume gives best result on skin, particularly a skin type which is not dry. However one can apply perfume on clothes as well because the yarns in clothes retail the perfume molecules for a long period of time, particularly if it is pure oil or EDP. Sometimes even after washing some fragrances might not go away entirely. This is the reason why some people advise not to put fragrance on clothes, as it would affect the next perfume you are going to wear. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to wear a perfume on your dress. But please avoid spraying it from close range as that might leave marks on your dress!

This much for now! Continue enjoying a range of beautiful fragrances from Taraazi International!

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