How to get the best results out of your perfume?

How to get the best results out of your perfume?


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We are sure you are among the people who would like to get some useful tips on how to get the best results from your favourite perfume Taraazi International Pvt. Limited is trying to give you some insights on ‘How to use a perfume’- from some very basic tips to some really unknown aspects about perfumery product – which we are sure would help you understand the world of perfume better.

Here we go –

1. Taking a bath: Even though we are always in a hurry to use a perfume before going out, it is simply the best to apply perfume after taking a shower and wiping out your body of wetness, using a clean towel.

2. Use of moisturiser: It is of common knowledge that perfumes do not stay long on a dry skin. So if you apply some kind of scentless jelly, cream or lotion on those areas of your body where you would apply the perfume, the fragrance would definitely last much longer giving you a fresh feel for an extended period.

3. Pulse Points: The areas or locations where you could get the best results are called pulse points, literally meaning the points where one can ‘feel’ the pulse! These pulse points exert some amount of heat which helps in diffusing the fragrance molecules without breaking them. The common pulse points on your body are: the back of wrists, on the sides of neck where you can feel the nerve, behind the earlobes, inner side of elbows, behind the knees. Some people specially women apply perfume on ankles, cleavage and belly button as well. You could try the same.


4. Not to rub the wrists: This is a very common mistake which people do. If you rub the wrists after applying perfume, you actually alter the molecular design of the perfume itself – resulting in losing it too soon! Rather after spraying or applying (in case of concentrated oil) perfume on wrists, just let it dry and settle naturally on your skin.

5. Spray from a distance: Never spray perfume on your body or garment from very close. Always keep about a foot’s distance from the nozzle, which would avoid bigger drops falling on you specially on your garment, which might leave some patch or spot.

By the way, avoid applying perfume on your clothes – we shall discuss this aspect in our next blog. Until then start with your choice of fragrance from a wide variety available in or select perfume store in your region where our perfumes are available.

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